Simple Divorce

Why pay higher legal fees for your simple divorce than you need to?

If your case qualifies – and you will know if it does after you complete the questionnaire to follow – you can obtain a divorce for a total fee of $500.00, plus the actual costs for filing fees.

This is not a “do-it-yourself” divorce filed in a remote county by a lawyer whom you cannot talk with without incurring additional fees.

This is a divorce filed in the appropriate county by an attorney – Betty Dillon, Esquire – with whom you will meet personally at the outset and speak with on the phone and/or email as you need to.

There is no “catch”.  A simple divorce in this context is defined as one where the other spouse will cooperate in accepting service of a copy of the divorce Complaint and in later signing an Affadavit of Consent to the entry of a Decree.

It is also a case where there are no economic issues to be resolved.  This means that no assests were acquired during the marriage, and neither party will request alimony.

If you have minor children, issues of custody and child support will not be included in the divorce action.

In short, there will be no Court appearances involved and no negotiation of a settlement agreement.

If you believe that the foregoing describes your situation, please answer the questions on the following form* and email it to our office.  You should receive initial contact within two (2) business days.

If you do have economic issues that preclude you from qualifying for the low set fee, we can discuss a fee schedule that fits your situation, but that would be completely up to you.

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