Child Support Law In Pittsburgh, PA

Divorcing or separated parents often find that child and spousal support issues cause the most conflict. At Betty A. Dillon, Attorney at Law, we help our clients evaluate the financial issues and explain the application of the Pennsylvania child support guidelines to your case. If you want to reduce the conflict over money issues in your separation or divorce, contact Betty A. Dillon for child support law in Pittsburgh, PA.

Child Support And Child Custody Issues

ALERT: There have been significant changes to Pennsylvania’s child custody law, which became effective on January 24, 2011.

One of the most important concerns in relocation cases. There are strict notice requirements and stringent procedures to be followed by a parent objecting to a proposed relocation.

An objection must be filed with the Court within 30 days of receipt of the notice of proposed relocation and must be served upon the other party by certified mail, return receipt requested.

If this is not done, consent to the proposed relocation will be presumed, and, perhaps most importantly, if these procedures are not followed, the relocation cannot be challenged later in a modification petition.

This is major because it appears that the standard of “the best interest of the child” can lose out to procedural rules.

The bottom line: If you receive notice of a proposed relocation from the primary custodial parent of your child, contact your attorney immediately.

Parents sometimes become confused about the interaction between child support and custody. For example, one parent withholds visitation because the other is late with child support. This can involve the children in the parents’ dispute. We try to help parents understand the consequences of putting the children in the middle. If you want to keep your children out of your conflict, call now to speak with family law attorney Betty A. Dillon.

Spousal Support, Temporary Alimony, And Alimony

Together with property distribution, issues of spousal support and maintenance can cause huge conflict between divorcing spouses. At our office, Betty A. Dillon, Attorney at Law, we handle all matters regarding family support, including:

  • Alimony Establishment
  • Temporary Alimony
  • Enforcement of Orders
  • Modification of Orders
  • Defense to claims regarding spousal support or alimony

If you have questions about spousal support law, contact divorce attorney Betty A. Dillon.

Modification And Enforcement

As the children of divorced or separated parents grow older, changes in circumstances often occur. Child care and educational expenses may change dramatically. In addition, Pennsylvania child support law is sensitive to changes in income or earning capacity for either parent that may warrant a modification to existing support agreements or orders. We also assist child support paying clients who need modifications when one or more of their children reach the age of eighteen.

In actions for contempt due to the failure of a parent to pay support, we help clients who either seek to enforce an agreement or order, as well as representing parents who have a valid defense to charges of contempt.

All these changes may trigger a need for modification or enforcement of the original divorce order. If changes are happening in your family’s life, you can find help by contacting our family law attorney, Betty A. Dillon.

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