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At the office of Betty A. Dillon, Attorney at Law, we realize that people facing a legal matter are often anxious and under tremendous stress. We believe in reducing their fears and helping to put them at ease. With 25 years of experience, our family law firm in Pittsburgh, PA, knows how to help people get their burdens off their shoulders. For a free initial telephone consultation, contact our estate administration and family law attorney Betty A. Dillon.

Complete Legal Services

At our practice, we offer a number of services to help our clients deal with their legal issues. Whether we are handling in-depth consultations, providing assistance with legal documents, or representing you in court, our team is here for you throughout your legal proceedings. Our legal team has a deep understanding of family and child support law, and we use that understanding to help ensure that your needs are met. With our team on your side, we always aim to help you achieve favorable results for your specific case. To learn more about our legal services or to discuss your situation with us, reach out to our office.

Our Commitment

We know that our clients’ cases are very important to them. We know that they want and need to understand what is happening. Because we believe in keeping our clients informed of what is going on in their cases and what is likely to happen next, we have a policy of returning all phone calls promptly. Our phone is answered 24/7. Our divorce law firm is committed to responding to people within 24 hours or the next business day after a weekend or holiday.

Our Philosophy

We think that people pursuing a legal case want to be aware of every step in the process. Because of this, it is our mission to work together with each client as a team. We know the law, and you know your facts. Working together as a team produces more cost-saving and effective results. For help in any family or will and trust law matter, contact our attorney Betty A. Dillon.

Contact us when you need assistance dealing with a family legal matter. We proudly serve clients in Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding areas.


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